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I Have a Secret I would like to share with you, and anybody else who thinks there should be more to the life they are living on this planet than eat, sleep, work, play. Eat, sleep, work, play. Eat, sleep, work' play. Eat, sleep, work' play. Eat, sleep, work' play. At the end of it all we die. Then what? Round and round we go, where we land nobody knows.

The Secret!

Following is what I would like to share. What I experienced is real and life altering. It is part of the history of my life. I cannot deny what happened. If I did I would be a liar. I share it with the hope that you might find what you are looking for and continue to find it. The 2nd video is an honest look at why I am sharing this now and the 3rd video looks briefly at the future we can all expect to deal with. Also ihaveasecret.net will be creating more videos as time permits. Please use the contact form if you would like to talk to me about my experience or would like to know when something has been posted.

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changed lives!

The Secret!

changed lives!

Why Now?

changed lives!

What's Next?

why follow God?

I'm an atheist!

What God?
changed lives!

Changed Lives!

Sorry,working on it.

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